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Guide: Buying Wine for Investment

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Thursday, August 01, 2013

While Ann Colgin, proprietor of acclaimed Colgin Cellars, insists she produces wine for consumption, she goes on to compare wine investing with art.

"But what you like because these are fields of passion as much as they are investments." So buy wines you plan to drink. "Having said that I know there are people who aggressively buy wine that is not to drink and therefore becomes a valuable asset - and a good one to be resold."

One of the advantages of buying wine upon release is that you know exactly how it has been stored, notes Colgin. And winery selling price is considerably lower than the retail store price. For example, Colgin's 2009 Cabernet Sauvigon-based wine was released in 2012 at US$325 yet its aftermarket (purchased through retail stores or private collectors) prices was US$455.

Similarly, the 2007 vintage released at US$290 rose to an aftermarket price of US$483. Since 2002, her wines have averaged an appreciation of more than 80 percent in value in the retail aftermarket, according to Colgin. To access these wines at attractive release prices you have to get on the mailing list that has a long waiting list since Colgin's annual production is just above 2,000 cases.

 By Mira Advani Honeycutt