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The Colgin Collection

Essence of IX. A limited edition pure perfume.

Visionary fragrance house Strange Invisible Perfumes has collaborated with Colgin Cellars to create Essence of IX, a scent inspired by the IX Estate vineyard and winery. A dreamy, botanical elixir made from acres of roses, Ann Colgin’s favorite flower, and brambly essences of French oak, white sage, black currant, wild honey and California lavender, it is a stirring, sensuous tribute to the refinement of Colgin winemaking. The perfume echoes the vineyard’s unique terroir with notes of lavender, wild sage and the roses found on the IX Estate, and the cellar’s earthy embrace with select notes within the wines themselves. As exquisitely endowed and handcrafted as a Colgin wine, perfumer Alexandra Balahoutis spent harvest at Colgin absorbing the beautiful fragrances from the vineyard and cellar and worked with a 12th generation master distiller in Napa to produce an exquisite batch of French Oak essence for the perfume. Essence of IX is comprised of organic, wildcrafted, biodynamic essences set in a base of 100% organic, beverage-grade grape alcohol for a scent of uncompromising beauty and grace.

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