Carved From An Ancient Lava Flow

Location: The Pritchard Hill area overlooking Lake Hennessey
Elevation: 1100-1400 feet (335-427 meters)
Soil: Well drained reddish clays with weathered igneous rocks
Size: 20 acres (8.07 hectares)

A Volcanic Vineyard

Eons of tectonic activity have shaped the Napa hills, and their rare soil gives shape to these unique wines. Purchased as the ninth parcel in the break-up of a family land grant, IX Estate was carved into an east-facing slope overlooking Lake Hennessey. Wines from IX Estate are as dark and intense as the activity which molded the land.

“The IX Estate is as close to a viticultural nirvana as I have ever seen.”

Robert Parker, The Wine Advocate

Experience IX Estate

Two distinct wine experiences come from this rugged, beautiful parcel of land.

“IX Estate” Vintages

“IX Estate” Syrah Vintages



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