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The 2017 vintage began with double the average rainfall in winter, refilling the water reserves and delaying the beginning of the season. Warm weather in late April triggered a beautiful, rapid flowering and an extended heat wave in late May forced vines to taper off growth and focus efforts on the berries. The summer of 2017 experienced frequent extreme heat events, whose ultimate effect on our sites was to minimize the berry size and enhance concentration of the fruit. The balance between the canopy and the fruit in 2017 was unlike other years in that the lusher than normal green shoots and leaves of springtime added extra protection to the crop during the frequent heat waves. Harvest began in the middle of September with cold nights and sunny days and continued at a rapid pace until its completion on October 6th, just prior to the October fires. In 2017, thoughtful decisions about canopy management, irrigation, crop thinning and picking dates led Colgin to craft wines that enhance the strengths of this growing season, such as its aromatic complexity, greater natural acidity and pleasurable structure- qualities that will guarantee a long evolution in bottle. In the near term, the 2017 vintage wines express an inward nature. They hold within them a resilient spirit and reflect the character of all vintages that precede them, with perfume, freshness and minerality taking center stage.